Guard Rail

Highway Guard Rail is a life saving device for the people traveling on Highways / Expressways. This highway crash barrier system saves thousands of life facing accident on road. The Highway Guard Rail works as most dependable life saving protective device in hill roads and at sharp bends which is difficult to negotiate.

Each piece of Guard Rail has two basic shapes
  • W-beam Guard rail has two “humps” and one “valley”. The “Humps” i.e. the convex surface faces towards the traffic. The “Valley” i.e. the concave surface faces away from the lane.
  • T-beam has three “Humps” and two “Valleys”

Features & applications

Used at the Highway
  • To provide protection to motor vehicles at dangerous road –
    • Steep slope
    • Obscure Curve / Bend
    • High embankment
    • Sharp corner
  • To act as directional railing for the vehicles moving in the right direction.
  • To act as Median Barrier to protect from head on collision.
  • To act as protective barrier for pedestrian along the Highway.
  • To absolve impact during collision thus minimize injury to passenger and damage to the vehicle.
  • This barrier act as a guide to the drivers during bad weather and at the nights.

Specifications & Technical Data

1. Base metal specification as per MOST
  • Minimum yield strength - 235 -255 mpa
  • Minimum tensile strength - 360-410 mpa
  • Minimum elongation - 5.65 SO
2. Galvanizing specification to IS:1367
  • Hot dip Galvanizing, minimum deposition
  • 550gms/smsingle spot
  • Fastener as per IS:1364


Cold roll formed section

3mm 2.67mm thick HR sheet.
Fe 410/Fe 360 grade steel conforming to IS 5986 or IS 10748 or equivalent.
Hot dip galvanised - 550 gms/m2 conforming to MORT&H (Mirystry of Road Transport & Highways) and IS.


Anchored to foundation on Ground & Bridges

Channel section of 75x150x75x5mm.
5mm thick HR sheet.
Fe 410/Fe 360 grade steel conforming to IS 5986 or IS 10748 or IS 2062 or equivalent.
Hot dip galvanised 550gms/m2 conforming to MORT&H (Mirystry of Road Transport & Highways) and IS.

End section

Anglised, Fish Tail or Tubular end terminals


Hot dip galvanized or elevtro galvanised bolts, nuts and washers.
conforming to IS 1364 and IS 1367 of grade 4.6 MS.
16mm dia Button head bolts for W-beam to W-beam to spacer connection.
16mm dia Hexagonal head type bolts for spacer to post connection.

Type Effection Overall length Nominal uncoated Weight (appx)
length (mm) length (mm) thickness (mm) (in Kg)
T-I 4000 4318 2.67 46.0
T-II 4000 4318 3.00 50.0

Note: The above sizes are commonly used as per MOST Specification. However, customized size also can be manufactured and installed.

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