Foot over Bridge

We have constructed Foot Over Bridges in over many stations. The work includes earthwork and concreting in foundation, fabrication and erection of steel structures, casting stairs and pathway, sheeting and painting.

Product description

Position: Interior & Exterior Highways
Material: Metal
Usage/Application: Platform/ Road Cross over
Finishing: Metal
ISO Certified: Yes
Size: As per the requirement

What are the benefits of Footover bridge / Steel Bridge?

The increasing pedestrian traffic on road crossings, junctions and inaccessible road terminals in the urban cities of our country. The proposed footover bridge project came into existence to resolve the traffic problems. Unlike subways, steel pedestrian bridges are less economical, easy and fast to construct.

As we know, bridges are used to connect one point to another to shorten the route. Also, it is useful to cross water valleys, small streams or railway tracks in areas where there are no nearby roads. Foot over bridge is taken into an idea for developing transportation, and its infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing population.

It connects two points and provides strategic and easy access to places like bus terminus, markets etc. A good, durable and sustainable foot over bridges can play an important role in the social as well as economic development of the nation.

Why Choose Us?

If you choose our foot over bridge, you will get to know why we are the best in building the Footover steel bridges in India. We take proper inputs from the clients and based on that hand over them the expected product. In addition to offering you great experience and stability. Being a Leading Footover steel bridge manufacturer in Kolkata, Prestar Infrastructure provides you the superior quality products within reasonable prices. They are more durable and enough strength to bear wind forces. Also, they have high resistance towards corrosion that increases their durability and make them more demanding in the market.

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